LIFE – How I learnt to become comfortable with uncomfortable situations  

Photo by Šárka Jonášová on Unsplash

I must admit that for a long time I was waiting for the life I dreamt of to somehow materialise and fall into my lap. But after finding myself in countless frustrating situations that were not a reflection of my true potential, I realised something had to change.

I had to take the first step, which would set off a chain of events. Fully accept that I was enough but not yet the best version of myself. I had to commit to growth, learning to become comfortable in situations that I avoided but recognise as pivotal to progress. Recognise that the goals I want to achieve are far from typical so require a stronger, committed me.

Admit that my current lifestyle and choices are not reflective of where I am headed.

Make a plan to become more comfortable with what seems difficult and unachievable at first. And in Albert Einstein words ‘stay with problems longer’.

Find a strong stimulus that is worth challenging your fears for.

We all have goals but most don’t achieve them because they are simply not intrinsic enough. This requires going several levels below that to identify something deep down that will compel you to action. A key one for me was the realisation that continuing on my current path would result in major regrets later down the line.

Once you become clear on your stimulus, then the focus shifts from how everything seems impossible to ‘my mission is worth being uncomfortable for’. That what you are reaching for is far greater than how you currently interpret your insecurities, and perceived limitations. You then commit to small actions today in the knowledge that it will be easier on the 2nd attempt.

At this stage you will rarely even digress back to your feelings. You realise they are fickle and not always the ideal guide to progress.

You remain fearful until you realise what it’s stopping you from getting.

Start small.

I took cold showers every morning in the first few months of launching my business. Embarking on an unfamiliar journey is daunting and is best managed in small doses. Knowing there was no going back, having a cold shower initiated the process of becoming comfortable with what seemed very uncomfortable. Starting my day in this manner helped me to change my self-perception from ‘ I’m not sure I am cut out for this to, if I can do this, imagine what else I can overcome’. Slowly but surely, I started to place myself in the camp of doers. I was becoming the type of person who takes action regardless of their comfort level.

Impacts other areas of your life

Committing to this experiment has overhauled my mind-set. From living with limited beliefs for so long to realising that a small act of courage has the potential to flow to other areas.

Doing what is necessary in creating the ideal career has also given me the methodology to address my relationships, spirituality, health, personal development and how I contribute to causes that I care about.

Just like most people on this journey, I went through a phase of searching for the magic formula to success. I read and learnt everything related to ’10 steps to conquering fear’, ‘8 tips on becoming a warrior’. Whilst some were useful, I now realise that knowledge is not power but applied knowledge is. The biggest project of your life begins with constant exposure to what seems uncomfortable.

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